Once you have downloaded the toolbox, unpack the files into a folder. We refer to the full path of this folder here as ‘iatRoot’.

One-use setup

In order to install the IAT for one use, go to ‘iatRoot’ and type in the Matlab prompt:

>> cd iatRoot;
>> iat_setup;
IAT has been successfully installed!

Permanent setup

In order to permanently install the toolbox, type from ‘iatRoot’ folder:

>> iat_setup('FOREVER');
IAT has been successfully installed!

MEX files

Modules or algorithms that are time consuming in Matlab are replaced by mex functions. However, we already provide Matlab Executable (MEX) files for 64-bit Win, Linux and Mac platforms. Check their compatibility with your platform before compiling mex functions again. In case you want/need to re-compile the mex function, setup your mex environment by

>> mex -setup

and then run:

>> iat_mex;

Help files

As with any Matlab command, each IAT function has a help file that appears in the same way. For example, if you want to see the help file of the function iat_setup, just type in the Matlab prompt:

>> help iat_setup;
iat_setup adds the IAT toolbox to MATLAB path
iat_setup('forever') adds the IAT toolbox permanently