[POINTS1, POINTS2] = iat_surf_correspondences( IMAGE1, IMAGE2, ANGLE_RATIO)
iat_surf_correspondences returns the coordinates of matched keypoints of images IMAGE1 and IMAGE2. After extracting SURF descriptors [1] from images, it obtains matches so that minArcCos<ANGLE_RATIO*secondMinArcCos (inverse cosine of normalized correlation between vectors is used)

Input arguments

IMAGE1 First image
IMAGE2 Second image
ANGLE_RATIO Angle ratio for matching descriptors (see the documentation of iat_match_desciptors)

Output arguments

POINTS1 SURF locations in IMAGE1 (see the documentation of iat_surf)
POINTS2 Correspondences of POINTS1 in IMAGE2

[1] H.Bay, A.Ess, T.Tuytelaars, L.V.Gool, “SURF: Speeded Up Robust Features”, Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), Vol. 110, No. 3, pp. 346–359, 2008

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