IMERR = iat_error2rgb(IM1, IM2)

iat_error2rgb returns an RGB image that mixes the channels of IM1 and IM2. When IM1 and IM2 are RGB images, then R and B channels of  IMERR come from IM1 and G channel comes from IM2. When it coms to grayscale images, R and B channel of IMERR are equal to IM1 and G channel is equal to IM2. This way, misalignments between IM1 and IM2 appear with hot pink and lawn green colors.

Input arguments

IM1 The first image
IM2 The second image (same size with IM1)

Output arguments

IMERR the RGB image that visualizes misalignments between IM1 and IM2

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